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new awakening

The Funny Little Man

I’ll take summer back. 
I miss it already 
fear for the winter which comes 
too soon,
without my permission. 

Comes to steal
my freedom, 
my garden
warmth which comforts me, 
even with its “fiery grip.” 

Cool temperatures
“shofar” me into awakening
spiral me somewhere unknown and vast
yet contracted. 

I hope for the rich colors of fall 
to dispel loss, 
the darkness that comes too early.
Stays the night.

And for the sun, 
which shines 
into the darkest of places 
unraveling the twists and turns of life 
to spring forth, 
to blossom.

Woe to the funny little man 
who cannot see beyond the hill. 
I will take his hand, 
walk with him to the valley, 
to the little stream that swims with life 
to bathe 
in its mercy. 

autumn awakening

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